The MARVELous Universe


The tree-like creature and a Monarch from the Planet "Planet X". Originally a villanous character, he invaded an earth base seeking humans,and was captured by Kree. Groot was under-arrest during his invasion, but then earned his freedom by joining the Star-lord's Strike Force and put on a team with Star-Lord, Bug, Mantis, and Rocket Raccoon. A tree of few words, Groot formed a bond with the creature known as Rocket Raccoon. Forming the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot and his best friend Rocket travel through space getting into trouble wherever they go.

Character Info

Real Name Groot

Height Unrevealed (variable)

Weight Unrevealed (variable)


Groot was extremely powerful and resilient, he has the power or regeneration allowing him to re-grow limbs and even his entire form. He also has powers of the mind, although they only appear to work on plant life, allowing him to communicate with other trees and command them to attack those that oppose him. He is highly vulnerable to attacks of fire.

Group Affililations Guardians of the Galaxy, formerly Howling Commandos

First Appearance Tales to Astonish #13 (1960)