Harper Keenan


Hello my name is Harper Keenan I am an architect / engineer in training.  I am in my second year of Vermont Technical colleges Bachelors program for architectural engineering and plan on completing the program.  I am an active individual. I play a lot of team sports like Basketball, soccer, volley ball etc. and also I enjoy skateboarding when I have time.  I have learned a lot about architecture/engineering in my first two years at Vermont Tech and have developed a passion for it.  After I receive my degree I want to work in the building industry as an architect’s apprentice doing cad or revit, some type of engineer in which problem solving is key, or even a construction manager

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Mission Statement

3. Methodology Statement


4. Resume


5. Written Communication Samples


6. Graphics Communication Samples


7. Architectural Design Samples


8. Capstone Projects


9. Construction Practices






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Mission Statement


My current mission is to complete my four years at Vermont Technical College and to receive my bachelors in architectural engineering.  After I receive my degree I plan on already having experience in the construction field working construction in the summers.  With that experience and my experience at Vermont Technical College I will try to get a job at a firm starting out as a young engineer/ designer.  I would take almost any job at first even if it was just rendering ones drawings in Cad or Revit.  My goal is to become a licensed architect or engineer. 




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Methodology Statement

As stated above my goal is to work in the building industry as an architect or an engineer.  I am qualified for this type of work, if not I wouldn’t have been accepted into VTC’s AET bachelors program.  This is what drives me to succeed. After I complete the program I will have much knowledge in the field of architecture and engineering thanks to my professors.  And also I will be working construction in the summer so I will have some knowledge in the construction field as well.  I will have struggles like everyone else but what will keep me around is my will to succeed. 


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Harper Andrew Keenan

P.O Box 500 Randolph center 05061, Dorm: Keenan Room: 205 B

                  (802-224-6035)                                                      hkeenan@vtc.edu




            Vermont Technical College, Randolph, Vermont

            Bachelors Degree in Architectural Engineering

            Candidate for Degree: May 2015                  


            Peoples Academy High School, Morrisville, Vermont

Graduated: June 2011                          


Technical skills:       

            • Microsoft Office                                           • Wood Frame Construction

            • AutoCAD 2012                                             • Architectural History

            • Architecture design 1 & 2                             • Construction Materials and Methods           

            • Revit                                                             • Construction Practices 


Leisure World, Morrisville, Vermont                   2008 - Present

Clerk & pool consultant



• Varsity soccer & basketball junior and senior year

• Awarded three local scholarships as a graduating senior




Downhill Ski, Swimming, dirt biking, Soccer, Basketball



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Written Communication Samples


Here are some examples of written work I have completed at Vermont Tech:


Example of a short memo:


To:                   Andy Wood Vermont Technical College Heard Manager

From:              Harper A. Keenan VTC Architecture Student Class of 2015

Date:               September 10, 2012

RE:                 Flotender Grey Water Systems


This memo is a proposal for the installation of a Flotender grey water filtration system around VTC’s farm for landscape irrigation.  In this memo I will explain problems with current farming irrigation systems and will touch on a possible solution. 


“The first common form of water restriction is to irrigation, which on average makes up 32 % of residential water use” (The Reaction, www.flotender.com).  The biggest problems with most water systems in place today are over consumption, poor individual management, an immense amount of wasted water, and all can contribute to a shortage of water.  In addition, this would provide educational opportunity for VTC students.  


Installing a Flotender grey water filtration system for landscape irrigation would solve all of these existing/potential problems.  It is an expensive investment at first, but would pay for itself over time. 


Any feedback regarding concerning issues would be very helpful.  Also I would like to ask for permission to further research this investment for you and thank you for taking your time to read this proposal.  


Work Cited

"Grey Water Systems." For Landscape Irrigation. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Sept. 2012. <http://www.flotender.com/>.





Example of a short letter:


Harper Keenan

488 Beach RD, PO Box 130

Elmore Vermont 05657




Chris Holt, Sales Manager

Flotender Manufacturer 15500 Woodinville-Redmond Road Suite C-100

Woodinville Washington 98072


Dear Mr. Holt,

I am a student at Vermont Technical College (VTC).  I am writing this letter to receive input on your Flotender grey water systems.  I am writing this to you because you would know the answers to some questions I still have about your systems. 

I am writing a proposal to get one of your Flotender grey water systems installed at the VTC farm.  It would save a lot of money over time, and could provide educational value.  Also it would make the school look better as we strive to make it as sustainable as possible. 

I still would like to know a little more about your grey water systems. 

·         Has one of your systems ever been installed at a school or large organization?  If so what school/organization? 

·         How much water could your system save annually for a big project like this one?  How expensive is it to install one of your grey water systems? 

·         What is the benefit to installing your system over any other companies system? 

I want to thank you for taking your time to read this letter.  You can reach me by my email hkeenan@vsc.vtc.edu or by telephone 802-224-6035.  We would like to install your system so if you could reply as soon as possible it would be greatly appreciated. 





Harper Keenan, Architectural engineering student class of 2015





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Graphics Communication Samples



Revit design examples:















SketchUp Design Examples done in Design 1:


1st Floor Plan



2nd Floor Plan





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Architectural Design Samples




Example elevation drawing:












Design II



Example of a Site Analysis






Example of a Pergola I designed for the shape Patio





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Capstone Project Design II Final Project


For our final design project we worked in teams of two as a class. 











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Construction Practices





Example of a Residential Building Estimate







Page 2









Example of My field book


We did a survey of a benchmark from a known elevation




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Community Service


I was a big brother for a middle school student when I was a senior in high school


When I played Basketball for the varsity team we held events for elementary students.  We played games with the kids so it was a good way to keep them active.