In 1947, Match Taranovich pioneered the propane gas and appliance business for George D. Johnson, the original owner of the Proctor Coal Company. Match would haul 100 # propane tanks from White River Junction in the back seat of his Oldsmobile and would deliver appliances in a coal truck. Humble beginnings to say the least!

Over the next twenty years, Match built up quite a customer base working as a salesman, serviceman, and installer of both the propane gas and the appliance business. In 1966, Mr. Johnson decided to focus on the sale of fuel oil and kerosene and offered to sell the propane and appliance business to Match. Although more than a little reluctant to go deep into debt and strike out on his own, Match Taranovich, with a lot of support (and coaxing) from his wife Ella and their 14 year old son Jimmy, became an entrepreneur and Proctor Gas was born on April 1, 1966. Match, the son of an immigrant family, with his wife, his young son, and only two employees set out in search of the American dream.

A lot of water has gone under the bridge in the last 38 years, many gas and appliance businesses have come and gone. The Johnson's sold the remainder of Proctor Coal quite some time ago. Proctor Gas Inc. continues to be a family owned and operated business guided by their son Jim and his wife Judy and their 10 employees. They have become the area's oldest continually operating propane and hearth products company by putting you, the customer first, and seeking to offer the very best products and service at competitive prices. Their number one goal is to have all of their customers satisfied. If their customers are not happy, they want to know it. The support from their customers is what has made them what we they are today.