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Common Virus

Many common virus will automatically run as soon as you turn on your computer making it impossible to run your computer
in this case there are 2 methods that usually work I will explain both.
First method to try is as soon as you turn on your computer press f8 until a list of choices appear. highlight
using the arrow keys safe mode and press enter. you are now in mode called safe mode which sometime will make the virus less
agressive letting you find the virus by either; pressing crtl+alt+del going into the process tab and looking for suspicious file
names usually they are randomly generated like hwicbaoe27.exe or something like that. After that you can go to the search function
typing in the name of the file and then locating it (remember this location!) after locating the file rename it to something you can find easily.
Now restart your computer and log on normally, go back to the location of the file and now delete it. while this is now a complete removal it
will allow you to run your anti-virus programs and remove all traces of the virus (hopefully).
the second method will be contained in a video embeded below.

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