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The review that would every website has it being reviewed again. World of Warcraft
or WoW is a extremly popular game that many would consider the peak of mmo's.
WoW is about the mighty Horde and the legions of Alliance fighting for land and what they
believe is right. While I do not read alot of the fluff of this game, I would suggest if
you do get into this game, to read the fluff as a lot of it is extremey interesting.
back to the game tho in the orignal or vanilla wow The forces of Horde and alliance
to fight a rather nasty lich names Kel'Thuzad, but of course they still hated each other
so there was always a battle going on but at the same time they worked together.
In the next expansion the Burning Crusade were once again the Horde and Alliance team up
to kill a mighty warrior that used the be a night elf but turned bad and corrupt by
demonic forces his name is Illadin. Once he was defeated they ofcourse forgot about the alliance
between the Horde and Alliance and continue to fight. In the 2nd expansion for WoW you guessed it
Horde and Alliance team up (Seeing a pattern?), This basically continues on and on until you get to the latest
expansion Mist of Pandaria and if you would like to learn more about the lore of the game in general or the expansions
I would recommend it, but I'm not going to rewrite the lore and possibly get it wrong i would recomend going to either WoW page to learn everything you need to know about lore in game

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Character creation

Character creation is not fantastic but it is also not bad.It offers a total of 13 different races
in this game all with preset faces hairs and colors to paint and dress your character. For each faction there are 7 races the Horde have
Goblins, Blood elfs, Tauren, Trolls, Pandaren, Undead, and the Orcs while the Alliance have Gnomes, Night elfs, Worgens, Dranei, Pandaren, Dwarf
and the Humans. Along with races there are 11 classes to choose from, while certain races are restricted to what classes they are allowed to be
for the most part you will be able to find a class and race to make your character yours to destroy all different kinds of monsters and players.

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Game play

Game play is basic at first, find quest giver they tell you to get 5 courgar skulls why because you obviously need cougar skulls, kill some
cougars some don't have skulls; collect all, turn in, get rewards repeat. For the first 15 levels this is basically what you do to level but
you slowly do start getting new skills that will essentially melt the cougars face and you do feel like you are getting stronger everytime you
level, Making the level experience more rewarding unlike some games. After level 15 more optons for leveling is unlocked; dungeons and battleground
In dungeons you work together with 4 other players in your faction consisting of 1 healer 1 tank and 3 that layout the hurt. In the dungeon you
have to fight elite monsters (much harder than regular) and kill bosses along with finishing quests, so it adds moreinteraction with other players
and also seemed to be where i myself made most of my online friends and was a nice change from regular questing. As for battleground you are pitted
against the opposing faction to complete certin objective before your opponents can. Now the community for this is....wel terrible if your not being
yelled at by some elitist pvper then it's a miracle, but this does not change the fact it is extremely fun if your in to pvping as i am and realy just
changes the entire leveling mechanic completly, but once again if you are looking for community like roleplaying etc.. i would probably not recommend
but still try it to see if you like it

As soon as you get to the max level you are barraged by dailys quest to gain reputation with the final factions, while this is extremely repetitive
the rewards are great. Another thing that is added when you hit max level and get some decent gear for your character are Raids. Raids range from 10 to 25
players where they bash their heads against bosses that are extremely powerful and die until retry they win or learn the mechanics of the boss as all bosses
have different actions. While tedious at times the feeling you get out of killing a raid boss is etremely rewarding not just by get loot, but also the feeling
you get when you have beat something that was so challenging.

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World of warcraft is a rather old game recently celebrating its 8th year of gameplay, yet the Graphics of the game have aged reativly well due to the style
of graphics they chose to use,Rather cartoony, then reaistic. None the less they encorporate many fine details to armor and characters to make many armors unique.
but ultimatly getting the job done and at the same time keeping the game beautiful.

Graphics NPCgraphics

Overall Ratings
Mechanics = 9.5
Gameplay = 9.4
graphics = 9.0
customizable = 9.0
Final Score = 9.5