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About Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is considered a RTS (real time strategy) game that has a very well main story and along with a heavy multiplayer fan base,
and is the thrid instalment in the series of starcraft games and continues about 5 years after the expansion Starcraft the broodlord.
I will limit spoilers to make sure few if any are given, but the general idea of starcraft 2 is basically a Dictator is gaining power and
is abusing power for personal gain. Jim Raynor the previous main character is still there and you play as him and as commander to his small
rebellion army Raynor's Raiders against the Dictator's tyrany and of course the zerg. At the same time in the campaign you must make certain
decisions in the main story that can greatly effect the outcome of the game. Along with the main story there is also many side quest to keep
the game going on a little longer and also adding some extra insight in what has happened over the years since the last game left off.

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Game play

Game play for starcraft 2 conists of mainly the campaign and Multiplayer.The campaign has a great story and is extremely fun but in unfortunatly short, while there are acheivments and other bonus goals that help upgrade your units you build for future missions that add extra game play if you are looking to just see the end of the campaign your looking for about 4 hours of gameplay; however, if you are interested in the achievment i could guess over 15 hours of campaign play if you just burn through it. Along with the campaign there are special ops missions that will teach you how to micro manage your units for maximum effect and can be a great learning tool since starcraft is basically rock paper scissors, one unit will destroy one while another wil destroy that one, and are ranked on how many units you lose or how long you can survive, this mode can be extremly fun or frustating depending on your point of view, but overall fun. lastly there is Multiplayer, originally multiplayer consisted of annihilaton,kill all the units and bases, which don't get me wrong is awesome but can get repetetive at time. Luckily they now allow users to create their own game modes along with their own maps, this creates a whole new game and idea and personally believe this is what will massivly help keep the online community to conitnue to grow and exist.

The Mechanics of Starcraft in general is known for their rock,paper,scissors game play that seems to work extremely well since everything can be beaten when used proper. Though at first some races in multiplayer were broken, since then they have greatly improved the system and is now each have a equal chance of winning and comes down the te players reflex and time managment to see who will win.

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For and RTS starcraft has stunning graphics that just flow with the game extremely well and I have nothing bad to say about them, While not perfect as of right now they didnt change it enough to make it different from the original starcraft but at the same time upgrading the system to bring it to a new age.

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Overall Ratings
Mechanics = 9.8
Gameplay = 9.5
graphics = 9.4
Final Score = 9.6