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About League Of Legends

League of Legends or LoL is a free to play MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) type game where players choose a hero to battle other players
to either blow up the enemys base or hold a objective before the enemy can do so. LoL is a PvP (player vs player) type game containing
2 different game modes and hours of fun. With over 80 different champions to choose from you and new ones being added constantly you will almost
be kept busy trying out new chapions to find what you like to play, along with there being over 80 champions they also each have there own lore
or story that gives you a short summary of how to came to what they are today. Now ofcourse in all to free to play games there have to find a way
to make money to keep their game going, in this case they make certain champions free to play that are free to play and change them weekly
so you can try out new champions and see which you like. You can spend real money to buy champions and which will let you use them whenever you want
, or you will also earn in game currency when completing matches that can also be used to purchase champions. They also allow you to purchase new skins
for heros your currently own to customize them to something you might like the looks of more.

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Game play

Gameplay revolves around PvP and can require alot of teamwork and coordination to make a succesful team, but at the same time gruping with random player also works just fine. Gameplay consists of 2 modes Normal and dominion, normal mode base idea is to take down the enemys turret using minions and your skills and make it to the enemy base and destroy it while protecting your turrets and killing the enemy players. Dominion is LoL version of capture the hill, hold the objectives till you win while killing enemy playes etc....

The Mechanics of the game revovle around killing minions and players to gain expierence to level up your skills, health, and mana to be a more effective champion and at the same time gain gold for completing objectives, killing minions, and players to but items that can heal you or upgrade your stats. Another mechanic is many levels will have alters or bosses that will grant you a tempoary boost in stats to make you more effective but watching out for other players from ambushing you and getting a easy kill. In combination with all the other mechanics it just makes a great game.

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