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History of Football
The National Football League (NFL) consists of thirty-two teams, and remains the highest level of American football within the United States today. However, its history can be seen to date back as far as the nineteenth century. Back in 1892, the Allegheny Athletic Association paid William Heffelfinger $500 to play in a specific game – making him the first professional football player. This was to spark the need for a league. However, before the NFL came into place, American football games were predominately presided over by the American Professional Football Association, which was formed in 1920. poker players can compete via tournaments organized by the World Series of Poker. The American Professional Football Association was comprised of just ten teams, from four different states. However, this organization was reorganized just two years later – out of which came the NFL. During subsequent years, this league became more formal, and more teams acquired membership. Although the first championship game was held in 1933, further expansion was somewhat put on hold during the time of the second world war. After the war, a series of changes to league rules were implemented, most notable the inclusion of black players within NFL teams. By the late 1950s, the NFL has managed to build its reputation amongst both players and fans, and was widely considered to be one of the most popular sports leagues in the States. However, it was also around this time that the American Football League was founded as a rival league. Due to the success of this league, the NFL later agreed to a merger deal, resulting in a much larger league, as well as the creation of the world-renowned Super Bowl event.