Class #1
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Class #1 Pics and Info
During Class

The Start - Beveling the Edge
Samantha has stared on one of the most important parts of mirror making.  She's beveling the edge.  This is important because it limits chipping which can damage the mirror surface both by chipping a section of it out, or by scratching the surface as you work on it.
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Grinding Time
Samantha is starting to grind here.  She's using a #60 grit.  The #60 means that to make an inch, it would take 60 pieces of the grit, and lined it up side by side. 
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Photo by Ken Slater
Just another quick picture of me doing my figuring polish strokes.  Ken got my better side here.  Glen, the classmate in the brown shirt, finished his 10" mirror today.  It's been a long haul for him.  Good work Glen!  Click picture to enlarge

Class went well, but with some up's and down's.  I found out that my spherical shape was ok, and my TDE was gone, but when I started figuring, I created a 'hole' in the middle of my mirror.  This backed me up a little bit, as I had to re-polish it back into a sphere and start over.  Dave got me back on track again, and now I'm headed toward a parabola.  (Dave also suggested that I NOT touch my mirror until I go back to class, so unfortunately, there won't be much for post-class stuff.  I will probably play around with the tester some more, so I might be able to have some pictures from the tests.  Time will tell.  Check back again in a couple weeks, just in case.

Post Class

Nothing yet!  Check back soon!



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