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Here are some representations of measurements that I'm getting off my mirror, taken from the program FigureXP.  The graphs are surface errors in a couple different ways.

Note that these errors are extremely small, but look really bad.  For example, one shows a peak error of about 48nm  that's 48 BILLIONTHS of a meter (about 6 MILLIONTHS of an inch).  The average (rms) error is only 14nm or about 2 millionths of an inch.  Unfortunately, at this time, it appears that I've dug too deep into zones 2 & 3, so I'll have to fix that up before progressing.  Shouldn't be too hard, and I should be back on track during my next polishing session.

This probably looks like a lot of gibberish, if you haven't been through an ATM class.  If you are interested in what the different charts/graphs are telling me, let me know here.


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