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Welcome to the Randolph Center Stargazers!

The Randolph Center Stargazers (RCS) at this time is a very informal group.  We meet at random times in Randolph Center, VT, usually meeting when the ClearDarkSky alert comes through and we can get at least two of us together to view.

RC Stargazer's FieldWe've got a great viewing point, which allows for full viewing of the full sky with very little light pollution.  I'd easily rate it as a Class 3+ (Rural Sky) on the Bortle Scale.  It's about 17 acres of lawn and field, but there are a few trees around so I miss about the bottom 15-20 to the west.  Even so, with a little relocation, around the field, we can basically see any part of the sky we pick.

Observe with us!  The field is actually private property, but we'd love to have you join us when we're observing.  Just drop Dave an email, explaining when you are interested, and we'll see what we can do to get a mini star-party started!


Nothing formally set up at this point, but we observe 5-10 nights per month, so feel free to ask!  Send Email

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