Friday Game Night- Game night is hosted in Clark 310 every Friday from 5PM to 3AM. Game Night consists of members of the club getting together and playing computer games. We use the high power drafting computers in the computer lab along with our own external hard drives provided by the club that we run games off of. During the night there is also a cart full of drinks and snacks that can be bought for relatively cheep and profits help the club with there fund-raising.


Saturday Game Day - Game day is hosted in the Shape center or some times in the Morey basement depending on the weather and the amount of people expected to attend. Saturday Game Day is focused on more traditional gaming like board games such as Settlers of Catan and The Game of Thrones board game, we also have a small group that plays table top RPG's on Saturdays such as Dungeons & Dragons. Card games are also popular with members of the club on Saturdays, Magic the Gathering and Card Against Humanity are very popular.
Activity Times

Digital Khaos

Digital Khaos most offten called "DK" is the clubs largest event held once a year, this year it will be being held on March 13th-15th in the Judd auditorium. DK is a three day long event where current and past members of the guild and Vermont Technical College get together brining there own gaming rigs and setting them up and play all kinds of games during the three days. We normally have multiple different game tournaments ranging from a Super Smash Brothers tournament to a League of Legends one this year the League of Legends tournament will be run and sponsored by the League of Legends club. During DK food and drinks will be provided at no cost to and pizza will be delivered Saturday.


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