11/27/2012 - Cryostasis

First-Person Shooters are really a dime a dozen these days, and including one might seem a bit odd to you, considering I'm trying to make this place as unique as possible. Rest assured, dear reader, this isn't simply another FPS. It takes the game quite a while to hand you a weapon at all, and when it does, they're often clunky and ineffective. This game isn't really an FPS at all, you see.

Rather, it's a lesson in how the first-person perspective can make a game more personal. For all intents and purposes, you might as well be playing as yourself, since you assume the role of a faceless, nameless protagonist. This has been done effectively many times over the years (see Half-Life, the recent Dishonored, and many more) but I'd argue that this really is the quintessential first-person, story driven, horror adventure.

This game is creepy. No question about it, there's a certain tension in the air at all times. Should your dog sprint past you in the corner of the field of your vision while you play, you will likely jump into the air several feet and possibly damage the ceiling; the stakes are THAT high.

Screenshot 1

The graphics are probably the game's biggest drawback: though they look nice, my expensive, hand-built PC nearly melted during some of the game's busier moments onscreen. There's really no excuse for it, other than poor system optimization on the developers' end.

That said, you get what you pay for. If you liked Bioshock, loved Amnesia, or simply are looking for an experience unlike anything else out there, give this "FPS" a shot.