Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Well, here we are, on the cusp of a grand adventure of sorts. I encourage you to cozy up in front of your monitor in the most comfortable seat you happen to own, and join me in... well... let's call it an endeavor, since in many ways, it is. I suppose I'm here to ask you a few questions, among other things. Are you a gamer? Have you ever been interested in being one? If yes, then we'll get along fine. If no, we'll get along even better. See, this isn't a typical gaming site. A typical gaming site is full of advertisements for genocide simulators marketed as realistic shooters. A typical gaming site is host to reviews dedicated to helping the most successful companies in the gaming industry maintain a profit margin. My site isn't like that. So, I hope you'll look around. I hope you'll find your voice matters a little more here than the typical gaming site. Most importantly, those of you that answered "no" earlier, I hope I can give you a reason or to to change that answer to "yes". As I said, this will be a sort of grand adventure. So, let's begin, shall we?