CIS-4120 System Analysis and Design

Spring 2011

Vermont Technical College

Class Meeting:

Randolph Campus Schedule


Course Overview:

This course gives students hands-on experience developing requirements and designs for realistic computing systems.
This course operates as a case study driven course. This class meetings in this course will be roughtly equally divided into 3 activities:

Course Objectives:

The student completing this course should be able to:

Course Textbook

There is no course textbook. There is no course text book. Case studies will be made available either in hard copy or on the schedule page (here) during the course.

It is essential that ALL students come prepared to discuss the case studies when they are assigned.

Online Resources


This course has no exams.

In-class discussion                 20%
2 Requirements analyses       20% each
2 Designs                               20% each

Student Cooperation:

Students are encouraged to work with each other in many ways. Study groups are particularly encouraged. You may discuss the case studies prior to class. The assignments may be completed in small groups as indicated in class. Any copying of work, either from other students or from unacknowledged external sources, is cheating and will result in harsh penalties up to and including dismissal from VTC. To be safe, you should document any contribution from other students or outside sources to your work.

Other Course Procedures:

Students with disabilities, whether physical, psychological, or learning, who believe that they may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact the Learning Specialist as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. Please contact Robin Goodall to verify your eligibility for accommodations and/or academic assistance related to your disability. She can be reached at the Judd Support Center, extension 728-1278, or by email (