Useful unix commands

Unix (including linux, BSD and Mac OSX) is a broadly used OS to which many people have had little exposure. Having basic fluency in command line unix may be necessary for you, especially if you manage web sites or other server-based systems.

Some useful commands are

Control-C (displayed usually as ^C and typed by holding down the control key while you type C) will stop almost any program and return to the command prompt.

Control-P or up-arrow will give you the recent commands. You can directly re-execute those by hitting the enter key while the desired command line is shown. Or you may edit the command using left and right arrow keys, delete and typing new values. Control-A also takes you the beginning of the line and Control-E takes you to the end.

If you need to do editing on a unix machine, you may also want to know vi (summarized here).

If you are doing builds on unix, you will probably be using gcc (summarized here).