Lab 9 - The heart of the machine

In this lab, you will be disassembling and reassembling a PC as a group. Submit one copy of this lab per group. Make sure you include everyone's name who worked in your group.

Make sure you use one of the provided machines, not the actual lab machines!

Before you begin the disassembly,

Q1: how many external ports are there?

List each and identify as many as you can.

Open up the case and find the PCI slots.

Q2: How many PCI slots are there?

Are they all the same size?
Are there any cards installed?
If so, try to identify what the cards do.

If there are cards, have everyone remove and reinstall a card.

Q3: Identify the power supply.

Does it have a visible rating of total power?
If so, identify it.

Find the memory slots. Make sure everyone has a chance to remove and insert a memory stick.

Q4: How much memory is installed?

Are they DIMMs or SIMMs (or other)?
How many slots are used?
How many slots are available?

Find the disk drive and remove it from its harness and cables. Again make sure everyone has a chance to install and remove the cables.

Q5: Try to find the drive type.

Look it up on google if need be.
How big is the drive?
How fast does it spin?

Find the CPU. If it is not soldered in, try to remove it.

Q6: What type of CPU is it?

How fast?

Look around the rest of the inside.

Q7:What other chips and slots can you identify?

Simply list them and why you think they are what you identified them as.
How many fans can you find in the system?
What do they cool?