Lab 7 - Still more employee

If you have not completed Lab 6, you should do so before starting lab 7.

This lab continues with the Employee work done in lab 5+6. This lab is not submitted, although this work will be used as part of lab 8, which will be submitted.

This lab expands the previous work to enable handling multiple employees. You will do this by maintaining a global array of pointers to employees.

1) Define a global variable Emps that is an array of pointers to employee structs.

2) Change your createEmployee function to add the new employee to the Emps array. It should place it in the first slot that contains a NULL.

3) Write a listEmployees function that will call your display function on each employee in the array.

4) Change main to have a loop that looks for user commands.

5) Write a findEmployee function that takes a string parameter and returns the employee pointer with that name or NULL if no such person exists.

Change main to add a FIND name command that will find and display a single employee.