Lab 6 - More employee

This lab builds upon the work done in Lab 5 (Employee). If you have not yet completed that lab, please do that first. This work will be done in the same C file.

This lab should be SUBMITTED. (Due 3/6)

Although it will no longer be used, please leave the earlier global variable with the initialized data in the program.

1) Write a readEmployee function that takes a pointer to an employee struct and fills in the details. It should prompt the user for each field, then read the data from the user and store it in the struct passed in.

Be careful to appropriately copy the string values. You do not need to worry about checking for buffer overflow.

2) Define a createEmployee function that will allocate the memory for an employee structure and return it. Before returning the pointer, it should call your readEmployee function to fill in the data.

Change your rmain function to call createEmployee and hold the pointer returned. This pointer should then be passed into your display function.

3) Write a releaseEmployee function that will free all the memory allocated for the employee whose pointer is passed in as the argument.

Modify main to call releaseEmployee after the display call. You main function should now include a pointer variable declaration, a call to createEmployee, a call to display and a call to releaseEmployee.

All done.