Lab 12 - Submitted Assembler

This lab must be submitted. Last lab of semester.

1) largest

Write a function int largest(int a[],int n) that will find the largest int in the n ints in a.

This should be the only function in the file.

Generate assembly language for this code using -S.

Identify the variables in this code, defining a table in comments in the code.

Comment each line of code, indicating what it is doing in terms of the original C code.

2) Before you move on, make a copy of your .s file.

3) Generate optimized code for the same C code. You do this with the -O switch to gcc

For example,

   gcc -S -O largest.c

will generate largest.s (clobbering your first version if you did not save it elsewhere!)

Build the same variable table and code comments for this version.

Submit largest.c and both copies of largest.s with your comments.