Test Site for Streaming Video

The following Streaming Video file size is approximately 25 mb total for an approximate 5-1/2 minute duration.  This is about the size of a PowerPoint file with images as used in many classes and posted on the web for download.  Therefore, the burden on local servers caused by a program department delivering departmental overviews should not exceed that caused by an instructor deciding to post his/her powerpoints on the w:/drive.   The streaming nature of the videos will discourage downloading of the content by individual viewers.  It would take a moderate-computer knowledgeable person to access the source file.   The use of Adobe Flash as part of the player solution means the video should be viewable on 98% of Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. computers.  More specifically, anyone who watches YouTube or videos from CNN.com, etc. should have no problem watching these videos.  The small size of the .mp4 file format means most people with a DSL or Cable modem should have no trouble with bandwidth limitations.

The following tools were used to create this test site:
SeaMonkey - Open Source Web Page Development Tool
JW Player - Open Source Player for Flash (non-commercial use)
Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Pro edition;   Possible Open Source alternative would be to use VLC Lan to convert digital video to .mp4 format

End User Viewing will require Adobe Flash ver. 9 or later.  Supposedly this exists on 98% + of current computer web browsers.