Test Site for Pseudo-Streaming Video v5

The following Pseudo-Streaming Video file size is approximately 25 mb total for an approximate 5-1/2 minute duration.  This is about the size of a PowerPoint file with images as used in many classes and posted on the web for download.  Therefore, the burden on local servers caused by a program department delivering departmental overviews should not exceed that caused by an instructor deciding to post his/her powerpoints on the w:/drive.   The pseudo-streaming nature of the videos will make the downloading of the content by the average individual viewer less obvious.  It would take a moderate-computer knowledgeable person to understand that they are caching and can therefore (with extra effort and searching) access the source file.  Even if they understood they had the source file, hardly anyone would make the effort to search for the types of files that we would be delivering.  The use of Adobe Flash as part of the player solution means the video should be viewable on 98% of Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. computers.  More specifically, anyone who watches YouTube or videos from CNN.com, etc. should have no problem watching these videos.  The small size of the .mp4 file format means most people with a DSL or Cable modem should have no trouble with bandwidth limitations.

The following tools were used to create this test site:
SeaMonkey - Open Source Web Page Development Tool
JW Player - Open Source Player for Flash (non-commercial use)
MP4Box - Open Source program to convert digital video to .mp4 format with correct arrangement of code for immediate "pseudo-streaming."
Yamb Open Source GUI for MP4Box

End User Viewing will require Adobe Flash ver. 9 or later.  Supposedly this exists on 98% + of current computer web browsers.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Pro edition used to edit video.