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About Gravco

We began as Interstate Maintenance and have renamed ourselves Gravco Inc.
We are dedicated to Customer Service, innovative training, using state of the art
equipment and our unique operating philosophy, which has allowed us to grow continuously.

Our Beliefs

We are a company founded on strong beliefs, beliefs that manifest themselves in the way we do business,
through our employees, supervision and in the products and services we provide.

We believe in PRODUCTIVITY. We believe in maintaining and enhancing sound position so we can continue
to do what we have always done: be there for our clients.

We believe in INTEGRITY. We believe in adherence to the highest standards of integrity.
Our integrity keeps us dedicated to providing our clients with value and peace of mind, quality
and responsiveness in the services we provide.

And most of all, we believe in HUMANITY. We believe in treating our clients, supervision, and the employee's
with compassion, consideration and respect. Our business is unique in that we possess the ability to provide a
clean atmosphere for our clients to work in.


Gravco strives to treat each and every customer as a lifetime partner. Our objective is to deliever the
highest quality commercial cleaning services in the industry. Today, our clients are pleased with us!

Approach to cleaning your facility:

Our company recognizes that the time leading up to the formal initiation of service is critical in providing
a strong working relationship with our customers.