Welcome to River Wind Farm

Enjoy riding on over 60 acres of beautiful trails. Donít forget to check out our boarding facilities, Trail horses for sale, and training

  • Offering sale horses who are experienced with mounted shooting.
  • Boarding is available in many packages to meet your needs.
  • Horse training is offered to horses and riders who have not been trained in mounted shooting.
  • Riding Lessons available to riders of all ages.
  • What is Cowboy Mounted Shooting?

    Mounted shooting is a sport that combines elements of old-time Wild West Show exhibition, along with the elements of barrel racing, pole bending, reining, and many other equestrian skills; all done while using two .45 caliber single action revolvers, loaded with 5 rounds each of black powder blanks to shoot ten balloon targets set in a special random pattern.

Be sure to check out the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association Website:CMSA

River Wind Farm
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