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  • Training includes:
  • desensitizing the horse to the sound of firearms
  • Start by getting a helper to feed your horses the morning ration of grain, hay, or pellets. When the horses are eating, and you are at least 150 feet away, fire the pistol, slowly, into a safe bullet stop.
  • The point is that the horse should associate the gunfire with food; the animal should remain relaxed when the gun is actually being fired
  • Continue this every day and until the horses do not raise their heads out of the feed bucket to look around for the sound.
  • At this point move 10 to 20 feet closer to the barn. Each horse will react differently to the sound of gunfire
  • When the horse adjusts at each distance, repeat the process, each time moving gradually closer to the horse each time. At some point the horse will begin to watch you, when you are close enough.
  • Start the mounted phase by riding normally with your UNLOADED pistol, in the holster on your waist. At some quiet moment, while at the walk, draw the pistol and index the weapon. Indexing is just the rotation of the cylinder while the hammer is being cocked.
  • Let the horse smell the pistol. Show it to your horse. Rub his head or neck while holding the pistol in that hand. Do this repeatedly until the horse ignores the pistol as a new or scary object.
  • The key to training a horse to accept gun fire at close range is to take each step gradually, letting the horse know it will come to no harm as a result of your firearm.
  • While walking and grazing your horse, wear your pistol in the same holster you will wear when you ride with the weapon.
  • Allow the horse to eat grass while you are holding him with a lead rope. Start slowely and fire the gun one or two times to allow the horse to get used to the sound.
  • If you know another rider with a "gun-broke" horse now is the time to go for a ride together. Explain that you want to fire your pistol from the saddle for the first time. If you are right handed have your riding buddy ride on the near side, just along side of you. Draw your pistol, cock it and aim for the soft dirt you have chosen ahead of time to impact the bullet.

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