Enjoy riding on over 60 acres of beautiful trails. Donít forget to check out our boarding facilities, Trail horses for sale, and training

  • We strongly believe turnout is crucial to each horse's physical and emotonal well being. The farm offers turnouts from small medical paddocks to large grass fields and the farm staff is committed to providing each horse a consistent turnout routine.
  • The farm was designed keeping in mind the advancements in research that demonstrates the importance of lighting, airflow and herd dynamics in the stalled horse.
  • Each stall is big (12 x 12), bright (with natural and artifical light sources), and offers rubber mats, safe salt block holders with free choice salt and the ability for each horse to easily view other horses.
  • Each boarder has a large individual tack locker in one of two heated tack rooms as well as a dedicated storage space for blankets, trunks.
  • River Wind Farm
    591 MacIntosh Hill Rd
    Bethel, VT