Enjoy riding on over 60 acres of beautiful trails. Donít forget to check out our boarding facilities, Trail horses for sale, and training

  • Board includes:
  • Feeding (free choice hay, grain, rice bran)
  • Meticulous stall cleaning with bedding added daily
  • Bucket Scrubbing Daily
  • Turnout (a minimum of half day seven days/week)
  • Turnout Prep (booting, fly sheeting, fly spraying etc)
  • Standing wrap removal
  • Blanket changes
  • Salt block in stall
  • Documented night check
  • Feeding of owner provided supplements
  • Farrier, Vet Appoinment Management
  • Daily TLC for your horse
  • Individual tack cubby in one of two heated tack rooms
  • Individual designated storage space for trunk, blankets, etc
  • tack room

    indoor arena


River Wind Farm
591 MacIntosh Hill Rd
Bethel, VT