Zen Garden

Rob Webb

Location: Shelburne Rd, Burlington VT

I've always had fantastic service. I always order the ginger chicken with green beans (in brown sauce) and it comes in the perfect portion--if I eat all of it, I'm very full but not overly stuffed; or if I save half of it, I'm still adequately full. Sometimes the portions are large--I once ordered a tofu dish and it came it a HUGE plate whereas my ginger chicken came on a medium plate, I have no complaints either way.

I really like how they don't drench their food in sauce like other Asian restaurants, nothing is overly salted, which means something coming from me--I usually like a lot of salt in my food.

With your entree, you get a choice of white or brown rice, and you can always get extra. I really like the healthier addition of the brown rice, much better than the usual choice of fried rice on the side (not that there's anything wrong with it). They do take out and I'm pretty sure delivery, and if you do take-out, you'll get discounts (go over there and get a paper take-out menu, the coupons are on the back).