RiRa's Irish Pub

Melissa Shaw

Location: 123 Church st. Burlington, VT

RiRa's Irish Pub is the perfect place to grab a drink or a dinner with an Irish flair!!!! It's located right on Church st. in downtown Burlington, in the heart of the Burlington's shopping scene. I recently went for there for dinner. Rira's has an enormous bar and a stage area for when they have performances. I ordered the fish and chips for dinner. I was amazed by the portion I was given!!! Needless to say, I ended up having dinner for that night plus lunch for the next day!!! The fish was good, the fries were overdone though. All in all it was a good meal though. Their menu is fairly small so you should go online and check it out ahead of time if you are a picky eater. Although I went for dinner, they are also open for lunch everyday. RiRa's frequently have events! Every Tuesday at 7pm RiRa's hosts a trivia night!!! It is extremely popular for locals around Burlington. And do not miss St. Patrick's Day at RiRa's!!!! They have a special menu, live entertainment, drink specials and each year they fundraise for a charity.