The Blue Stone

Melissa Shaw

Location: 15 Stowe st. Waterbury, VT

When you walk into the Blue Stone, you are greeted with an old Vermont vibe. They have a big bar with a number of beer on tap. They have a number of specialty pizzas but you can build your own. You can choose from close to a dozen different types of cheeses and sauces!!! From Romano cheese or mozzarella to buffalo sauce or pomodoro sauce!! You can choose from your everyday meats such as pepperoni or chicken along with more unusual toppings such as hanger steak or applewood smokes chicken sausage. The pizzas I ordered were absolutely delicious!!! I got one pizza with mozzarella, pomodoro sauce, fresh garlic and basil. I also ordered another pizza with red sauce, Romano cheese, chicken sausage and spinach. I highly reccomend that everyone takes a trip out to Waterbury, VT and get some delicious pizza!!!!