Revolution Kitchen

Drew Fead

Location: 9 Center St. Burlington, VT

Revolution Kitchen was a tight squeeze upon entry--but it quickly relaxed into tight like cozy instead of tight like uncomfortable. The walk along the side of the long kitchen to my seat exposed me to all manner of titillating cooking smells. I should admit that I came in with a heavy bias--the restaurant was opened by a couple who owned my favorite restaurant in the town where I went to college several years ago. Their food was always vegetarian, and always made right. I was ecstatic to get to try a new menu from the same chef I already knew and loved. I ordered the Vietnamese Salad Roles to start and felt instantly torn--or was it cradled?--by the fusion of fresh, local ingredients and authentic Asian flavors. The Seitan Picatta I had for an entree was delicious though garlic-y almost to a fault. The food baby ready to come out of me when I was finished could've wrestled an aligator and won.

The beer selection was a bit limited, and everything was pricey--bring someone here when you're feeling a little fancy. Also, do yourself a favor and make a reservation. Burlington residents love their garlic.