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Vermont Pub and Brewery

We went inside and were greeted by a strange smell. It smelled like pee but I don't really know what it was. I don't know if the employees could smell it; maybe not, since they're around it all the time. Or maybe they don't care. Gross. We ended up following the hostess to a table outside (because I was quickly losing my appetite inside). The waitress seemed annoyed that we wanted to taste the beers they brew on site. She came with one recommendation but think she felt obligated to do it. They charge $1.25/sample. This is fine if you know about it up front, but I didn't see that anywhere on any of the menus. Every place has a different policy on tasting so I shouldn't be expected to have to read minds. Found out when I got the check. Not a huge dent in the wallet but communication would've been nice. The waitress wasn't rude, but we felt really rushed. Maybe she was really rushed. I think she probably didn't have the staff support that she needed. Management should know that an overworked waitstaff is going to give poor service. Maybe she's better when they're not understaffed. Food was fine. We had a BLT and fries. They were good, I mean, it's pub food so I'm not expecting Gordon Ramsay to come out and start swearing or anything. The beer itself tasted really watered down. Every single one. We each picked one we liked from the samples but we were pretty underwhelmed by all of the beers we tasted. We tried to like it but, y'know, meh. The "Forbidden Fruit" was decent, and probably one of their better brews, but even that was just meh. Probably wouldn't go back there again. There are other places around there with good food and better beer.