tyler daniel bean


Knee-Up Portrait of Tyler Bean © Lauren Mazzotta With unbridled ambition, Tyler Daniel Bean has taken the reigns of his eponymous musical hobbyhorse to race in the heats of heartache in the Oberst-emo arena. Having stitched closure with his recently disbanded screamo band, ghosting., Tyler has gotten a great start straight out of the gate having just released his debut full- length album longing. Longing is a gritty record that has raised the bar on what it means to be mellifluous balladeer in the acoustic/screamo realm.

Despite this being his solo debut album, make no mistake; Tyler Daniel Bean is no novice and certainly no stranger in alt musical circles. To boot, being a dweller of Burlington, Vermont, he is well acquainted with cold and barren landscapes. It is these types of settings that are lyrically portrayed in his seasoned songwriting with sentiments being even more exquisitely rich than the sap of a maple tree with early- stage Jesse Lacey flowing from it.

Due to such a positive response on his latest garage-n-house show tour in support of longing, Tyler Daniel Bean quickly sold through stocks of his tri-colored records. Tellingly, his trenchant tunes prove to be on an upswing. So in an effort to maintain such momentum, Tyler is now in the pre-production stage of releasing a live EP in the spring and at the drawing board for his sophomore full-length that should hopefully be out in late 2013.