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Alex Coache


I am currently a student at Vermont Technical College, pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Sustainable Design Technology.

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Mission Statement

3. Methodology Statement


4. Resume


5. Written Communication Samples


6. Graphics Communication Samples


7. Architectural Design Samples


8. Building Systems Design Samples


9. Capstone Projects


10. Construction Practices


11. Certifications, Diplomas, Degrees and Awards


12. Professional Memberships


13. Community Service




This document will highlight pieces of my work in relevance to the career I am seeking which is a starter position using Revit at an architectural firm or some other corporation. I will include drafting skills as well as CAD skills and other key items that make up the base of my knowledge that I have obtained from VTC. These are pieces are all projects I have worked on for past/current classes and I will identify each over the course of this document.


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Mission Statement


I intend to seek out a position as a Revit worker at an Architectural Firm or some other corporation.



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Methodology Statement

I will graduate Vermont Technical College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sustainable Design Technology in the year 2015. From there I intend to start working in the field.



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Alex M. Coache
513 Georgia Shore Road, Saint Albans, VT 05478      Phone: (802) 782-2212          

E-mail: amcoache@vtc.vsc.edu



2011-2015            Vermont Technical College, Randolph, VT

                                 Bachelor’s of Science in Architectural Engineering

                                 Degree expected: May 2015

                                 Courses Taken: Architectural History, Architectural CAD, Architectural Design, Construction Materials and Methods, Construction Practices


2007-2011            Bellows Free Academy, Saint Albans, VT

                                 Graduated Top 10% of Class                             


Business Skills                                           Architectural Skills

Microsoft Office                                                         Hand Drafting/ Design: Montpelier Pool

Work well with others                                                Architectural CAD: Steel Frame Concept

Strong Work Ethic: Never miss work                            Surveying Experience

                                unless sick                                                          


Work Experience                                                        


2010-2013            Employee at Burger King, Saint Albans, VT

                                 Work in the kitchen as well as up front on register and in drive thru, taking orders and directly communicating with people and serving them. Work with customers to resolve issues calmly and efficiently. Never missed a shift.


2011-Present       Employee at McDonald’s, Randolph, VT

                                 Work on register and in drive thru working with people and serving customers efficiently. Calmly and appropriately addresses issues with customers to solve problems. Only missed shifts due to illness.


2012- Present      Supplemental Instruction Leader for Calculus I, VTC

                            Help students understand/ perform better in Calculus I.

References           Personal references available upon request.


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Written Communication Samples


Here is a project description I wrote for my Technical Communications class. This described an idea that we were asked to propose to better an organization, business, etc.



This document is a project description report as requested after the approval of the previous need report. In this I will propose my solution to the problem regarding the VTC dorms and will provide lists and graphics of relevant information.


As stated in the need report, the Morey dorms are in need of some renovations. The beds and desks need replacing and the walls need to be soundproofed better. Replacing the beds will require new mattresses and new chairs and closets will be needed to complete the set. New beds as seen in figure 1 would give students new beds that are strong and add a little more style to the rooms as well. In figure 2, one can see a solution for soundproofing the walls, which for the most part are CMU block walls. http://images.hayneedle.com/mgen/master:MXTX166.jpg?is=1200,1200,0xffffff Figure 1 - Knock Out Panel Study  Loft ASC WallDamp with damped block wall Figure 2 – Damped Block Wall

Figure 2 Key

(1)  WallDamp Strips on furring strips

(2)  WallDamp Squares in between wall boards                  

(3)  First layer wall board

(4)  Second layer wall board



  • Alex Coache – Designer
  • Wall Installation Workers
  • Furniture Movers and Assemblers



  • 284 sections of Soundproofing strips and squares (WallDamp, Figure 2)
  • DensArmor Plus® Impact-Resistant Interior Panels (soundproof board)
  • Adhesive for walls
  • 143 Knock Out Panel Study Loft beds
  • 143 Greenburg Eurotop Mattresses
  • 143 Natural Maple Wardrobe Cabinets
  • 143 Adams Keyhole Side Chairs

Time Table




April 2013

Acquire materials


May 2013

Install wall material

Wall Installation Workers

June 2013

Move in new furniture and assemble






This new work to the dorms of Morey will allow the school to see how much nicer they can make the dorms for a reasonable price. These changes would reduce noise issues, give students sturdy new furniture and make the price they would pay to live here worth it. As a result of this, more money would be brought to the school, increasing the amount of brought in from dorms alone by 25%. This is for just one dorm. If added, the other three dorms could bring in much more money for the school than these renovations would.


I will release a budget for this proposal sometime in the near future. Thank you for your time.


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Graphics Communication Samples


     This is a wall section I drafted in my Woodframe Design class my freshman year. Although hand drafting is not used as much today, it is still a valuable skill, and being able to do it could be very beneficial to employers.





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Architectural Design Samples



     These next two drawings were the final project for my Architectural Design I class. This design was a renovation of the Montpelier Pool, in which we added space for new departments to the building (which before was only used for the recreational camp). I added a second floor to accommodate the new requirements and laid out the building I thought was most appropriate. This design qualified me for a scholarship specific to architecture students. Being able to lay out a renovation for an existing building is important, and often happens in the real world, so being able to do it is very important.







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Building Systems Design Samples



     These next pieces are an assignment that I had in my Environmental Systems I class. We learned the concept of laying out plans consisting of the different systems that make up a building; in this case forced hot air. This kind of work is important to understand so you know how all the different parts of a building work together.








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Capstone Projects




      I drew this next project in Revit, for my final design project for my Architectural Design II class. This is the Johnson Visual Arts Building, and the requirements were similar to those of the Montpelier Pool discussed above. We were required to add spaces to the already existing building, and enlarge several of the existing spaces. This first drawing is the first floor which shows my shape of the building as and some new elements, the largest being the curved elements seen here. I designed this as the new heart of the building and the large space that borrows the curve is an outdoor space. These show my abilities with the Revit program, which is what I ultimately would like to be working with.

















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Construction Practices



     These pieces are examples of the work I did in my Construction Practices class; specifically covering surveying. In this unit of the class we were introduced to new equipment, such as a total station, and used those to plot out several different areas. This particular job is important because knowing how the site works means you know how you will be able to place your building.












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Certifications, Diplomas, Degrees and Awards



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Professional Memberships



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Community Service


     As a senior at Bellows Free Academy, I volunteered to help move instruments, set up events and guide students for the Allstate Music Festival that was held in St. Albans. I did this for 26 hours, and met many talents musicians and instructors as a result. Being a musician myself, this community service was quite fun for me. I also was a part of a movement to have a group of 8-10 students travel to New Orleans during our spring break and help build houses with Habitat for Humanity. The movement did not make enough to actually go through with it, but we tried our hardest.


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