Welcome to the First Annual
                VTC Pine Car Derby               
April 15, 2003

Brought to you by S.E.T.

General Rules and Car Specifications

1. A contestant may enter only one car per racing class.
2. In order to be eligible for competition (either racing or workmanship), a car must fit on and roll down the track
   without interfering with any other car.
3. Cars must meet the following specifications. Note: Check the kit block before you start to make sure that it does
   not exceed any of the requirements.

                Maximum Length (including all attachments) 7 1/2"
                Maximum Width 2 3/4"
                Maximum Height 3"
                Maximum Weight 5 1/2 oz.
                (156 grams)
                Minimum Under-Car Clearance 3/8"
                Minimum Distance Between Wheels 1 3/4"

4. All cars must use gravity as their only means of motion. No motors, rocket engines, or rubber bands drives will
   be allowed.
5. Once a car has been registered, no further work may be done to it. A place will be assigned to lubricate and work
   on cars before they are registered.
6. All Classes are open to the VTC community, this allow all to have fun though each person should have only one car.
7. Grand Championship: All first through fourth place winners in each class may compete in the final racing after all
   other races are completed. This competition will be called "Grand Championship."
8. Workmanship/Design: Each contestant may enter one car in this event per class they enter. It does not have to be
   the same car entered in the race, but it must meet the same qualifications (fits on and is able to roll down the track)
   as cars entered in the race classes.
A. The judges will not converse while judging.
B. Any comments will be in writing and consist of the car number and score using the "Workmanship Judging Scoring Sheet."
C. Score sheets will be given to the officer in charge as soon as a judge has completed judging.
D. These are the areas to judge cars in:

   Originality: Was the design the idea of the artist himself? How much creative thought went into the design. (Score 0-20)

   Craftsmanship: (The skill the workman showed in cutting, carving, sanding and detailing the car.) Did the owner make the
   car's extra ornaments or were they something bought and attached? (Score 0-50)

   Color and Appearance: What is the outward appearance? Is the painting of the car appealing? Are the colors and paint even
   all over? Is the appearance pleasing to the eye? (Score 0-30)

9. We reserve the right to change the rules as needed to best suit the situation.

If you have any questions or concerns please E-mail rfredric@vtc.edu (Robert Fredricksen)