The Vermont State Colleges, Vermont Department of Education, and Vermont Technical Centers

working together on a
National Science Foundation
Advanced Technology Education Project


Foundations for the Future:
An information technology project to help students obtain Information Technology degrees in a flexible and inclusive environment

PI: Mike Bozonie, Vermont Technical College

Co-PI: Doug Webster, Vermont Department of Education

Partner Institutions

Vermont Technical College  
Community College of Vermont  
Vermont Department of Education  
Human Resrource Investment Council  
River Valley Technical Center Springfield, Vermont
Barre Technical Center Barre, Vermont
North Country Career Center Newport, Vermont

The General Outline

Three-year project to achieve 5 outcomes

  1. Increase the pool of information technology technicians
  2. Faculty Development
  3. Identify the Information Technology Curriculum Lattice representing existing and new programs
  4. Map curriculum into the lattice
  5. Demonstrate scalability through Technology Enhanced Delivery


Using the Underlying Principles of


Updated: 7/20/04 Contact: Mike Bozonie for information