Professionalism and Ethics

National Science Foundation
Foundations of the Future
Vermont State Colleges and Technical Centers


Module ProfEthics: Professionalism and Ethics. (2 cr)

  1. This module looks the role of professional organizations, a typical Code of Conduct, and fundamental principles of ethics and then applies them to case studies.
  2. The learner is expected to have the following preparation:
    1. This module should be done during the last third of a degree program
  3. Partnership courses satisfying this module: CCV Bus 2250, VTC Bus 2250
  4. This course should be taken during the last third of a degree program.
  5. The module maps is intended for persons who have not had a course in which the main focus was ethics (such as business ethics or a Philosophy ethics course)
  6. Diagnostic sample test.
  7. To demonstrate knowledge and competence in the module, the learner will:
    1. pass a multiple choice test covering the notions, rules, exceptions, and typical uses of the new material at a 85% level
    2. Written essays in response to simulated cases concerning ethical and professional issues


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