History of Information Technology

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Module History: History of Information Technology. (2 credits)

  1. This module reviews the history of computing from the early mechanical devices, the concept of the stored program, the machines of the late 1940's and 1950's, and the changes in architecture, underlying technololgies, and the progression from main frames, to minicomputers, supercomputers, microcomputers and embedded computers, and networking. This module will conclude with two or three societal and/or ethical issues
  2. The learner is expected to have the following preparation:
    1. while none is required, the course is more meaningful after some familiarity with computers and thier uses.
  3. Partnership courses satisfying this module: none
  4. There is no prerequisite for this module.
  5. The module maps is intended for persons who did not cover the topics of part 1 in earlier courses
  6. Link to diagnostic exam.
  7. To demonstrate knowledge and competence in the module, the learner will:
    1. pass a multiple choice test covering the notions, rules, exceptions, and typical uses of the new material at a 85% level
    2. write a paper on a topic agreed upon with the instructor


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