Emerging Technologies

National Science Foundation
Foundations of the Future
Vermont State Colleges and Technical Centers


Module Emerging: Emerging Technologies. (1 cr)

  1. This module looks various trends and forces shaping information technology and probable changes that will occur from a futurists perspective.
  2. The learner is expected to have the following preparation:
    1. This module should be done during the last third of a degree program
  3. Partnership courses satisfying this module: none
  4. While this course should be taken during the last third of a degree program, there is no prerequisite.
  5. The module maps is intended for persons who have not had a course in which the main focus was information technology futures and expected changes during the next decade.
  6. Diagnostic sample test.
  7. To demonstrate knowledge and competence in the module, the learner will:
    1. pass a multiple choice test covering the notions, rules, exceptions, and typical uses of the new material at a 85% level
    2. Written research paper on an emerging technology after agreement of the instructor


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