Discrete Structures

National Science Foundation
Foundations of the Future
Vermont State Colleges and Technical Centers


Module Discrete: Discrete Structures of Computer Science. (2 cr)

  1. This module reviews, at an introductory level, mathematical and logical structures from the perspective on information technology and computer science that are fundamental to the discipline. Topics include: algorithms, sets, relations and relational algebra, recursion, combinations and permutations, and trees and graphs.
  2. The learner is expected to have the following preparation:
    1. preparation for college level mathematics
    2. the course is more meaningful early in a course of study towards a degree
  3. Patnership courses satisfying this module: VTC Mat 3720
  4. The prerequisite is a readiness for college mathematics.
  5. The module is intended for persons who did not cover the topics of part 1 in earlier courses
  6. Diagnostic sample test.
  7. To demonstrate knowledge and competence in the module, the learner will:
    1. pass a multiple choice test covering the notions, rules, exceptions, and typical uses of the new material at a 85% level
    2. setup and execution of problems based upon textual description


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