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MEC2040 Project Overview by manager Louella Cyr

The Matrix Organization Project
As part of our current course work in Computer Aided Technology, we are required to start a complex organization as our lab project.  This Matrix organization requires us to work as a team and start a profitable business.  This business will count as thirty-six hours of lab work.  We have been given a $200.00 to $500.00 budget from George Ambrose as start up money for our business.  Our class project began on May 19, 2003 with a six-week time limit.

This business will consist of design, development, marketing and sales.  I was elected by the Customer Support Development Program students to act as the Project Manager.

Project management is used to help manage, plan, organize, schedule, monitor and control complex projects like this one.

In order to help define our project, I have included the following list of team objectives:

The class used brainstorming as the technique to develop our business plan, during which we discussed possible products, materials, and marketing strategies.  We discussed the possibilities of using aluminum, bronze, brass, plastic and/or wood for our products.  We discussed different product ideas such as candleholders, key chains, golf tees, business card holders, pocket bottle openers, letter openers and pen/pencil holders, along with the possibility of personalizing these products with the engraving software on the CNC lathe.

We also determined the necessary roles to manage our project.  We determined that we would need to focus on marketing/sales, tooling, design, modeling and manufacturing flow as a complete team. We also determined that certain areas would need team leaders, these leaders would take on the responsibility of these areas:

·         Research & Development-Lori Peer

·         Finance-Thomas Desforge

·         Purchasing/Inventory-Robert Gillespie

·         Industrial Engineer/layout-Justin Bishop

·         Project Management-Louella Cyr

Our business will consist of design, development, marketing and selling of two different key chains.  We decided on a jet engine bottle opener design and a patriotic theme design.  We determined that any profits realized from this business objective would be returned to the community through Steve Jeski, in order, to further machine trades training at The Stafford Technical Center in Rutland.

Our marketing strategy consists of posters advertising the availability of our key chains throughout the community, along with access to a web-based catalog.  We have requested through Glen Traverse, our program director, to be allowed to advertise our products at General Electric, through posters on the employee bulletin boards located at both plants.  We specifically designed the jet engine bottle opener to be marketed to our fellow employees.  The inclusion of our fellow employees in this project would allow for exposure and promotion of the Customer Support Development Program among fellow GEAE employees.