Bob Gillespie's Electronic Notebook

(Text in green font is what I think my contributions have been)

May 12

Class consisted of a get to know each other period and a discussion of computer aided manufacturing. Mr. Johnson gave us a good look at his manufacturing experience as well as asking us ours. We went over class policy. We toured the lab area. We also went over Alphabet Soup paper.

May 15

DFM-Design for manufacturability-solely for manufacturing of part-no end use purpose. We started going into some depth on milling and M code , milling and turning G code. We were given homework and we spent 2 hours sizing up our lab equipment. Mill: GE Fanuc Controller Series 0 Emco Maier PC Mill 55 X 7.48 Y 3.54 Z 7.48 Table Size 16 x 5 Vice Z 2 X 2.5 Lathe: GE Fanuc Controller Series 0 Emco Maier PC Turn 55 Chuck Capacity 3 Diameter Length Capacity 12

May 19

Started discussion of Project. We all submitted quick sketches and veiwed an example.Came up with jet engine bottle opener/key chain. Tom started laying out a rough model of this. I researched for jet engine pictures to reference for a design.
Project Manager Lou
Design/Modeling (all)
R&D (Lori)
Finance (Tom)
CNC Programming (all)
Purchasing/Inventory (Me,I will need to come up with a materials cost list.)
Manufacturing Engineer
Industrial Engineer (Justin)
Tooling (all)

May 20
Received an from Lou

May 22

Received another from Lou. We went over homework. I went down to lab and went over how to generate code in the prolight Machining Center. I learned how to export a file from Mechanical Desktop into Autocad and save as a DFX file. Go to drawing in drop down menu then to export veiw to model space. Close MD to start AutoCad. Delete all but top veiw. Save as a r12DFX file. Spectrum Cad-Engraving-Text. Set up the stock size. Open the DFX file. Contour operation vs Pcket. Ingraving setup Button. Set all. Check on finish machining, does all multiple pass. Select geometry, select side.Then Go. Save session, save NC. I attempted to generate a program for a special font and saved it. I tried it on a mill at work but the code seemed to generate circles that overlapped themselves.

May 23
Received an from Lou.

May 26
Memorial Day

May 29

We received the instructions for setting up our email accounts and where to log on to. We also got a handout on format for the research paper. We took our first quiz. I didn't come close to finishing because I was retracing my steps too much.We were introduced to high school student, Kevin Norton, who was going to show us how to run the lathes and mills. He walked us through the lathe program for the PC Turn 55 lathe. Win Cam. Load Program. Setup display. All Z is negative.CZ wood out of chuck. First point is end point of cut. 2d point is end point of cut. Setup tools in turret. Must tell it to turn on. Clamping device. Green outlines the cutting parameters. Look from rear of chuck for direction.
At 6:20 we had a meeting.We went over some responsibilities and discussed what we planned on doing and what we wanted to accomplish. Material options were evaluated and material costs were talked about. We were told to come up with at least 5 products so we all could get involved. The need to purchase actual rings for the keyrings.Busness card holders were also decided upon. Posters for the bullitein boards were discussed. I suggested a simple lathe project of candlesticks. It was accepted. I spent the rest of the night producing the program for a prototype. I learned how to draw the circles and lines that shape the piece in the program. We ran out of time before an actual prototype was produced and the computer errored when trying to save the program.

June 2

Class was started with lab as Mr. Johnson was running late. I deisgned a new candlestick holder on mechanical desktop and then exported it to a dxf file. I never got a chance to try it on the lathe or to use it's geometry to go by when drawing it on the lathe's program. I also helped Tom with converting his jet engine drawing to a DXF file for possible machine code generation. Also helped Steve with his drawing of the USA keychain. Keychains were located online. I emailed Lou the price list and got a forwared about Kevin Norton's email. We had another team meeting in which we talked about our progress. I stepped down as purchaser due to my confusion on what needed to be purchased. Mr. Johnson decided to do the purchasing, since noone else wanted to. Homework for Thursday was moved back to Monday and a test was scheduled for Thursday on the Alphabet paper and their relationships. Jason gave me his drawing of the fixturing he had been working on. Mr. Johnson showed delivered a presentation on the development of the Scumbuster developed at and alot of behind the scenes information. I left at 8 pm due to the lateness and missed the last part of the presentation.

June 3
Got an from Lou going over a schedule.

June 4
I designed another version of the jet engine and my new product idea,the Kubotan.
Instead of the candlestick (which in my veiw, needed stock that was too exspensive). I also started a rough web page with alternate images of possible finished products. My main purpose was to get an idea if this was the right direction. I am going to bring my digital camera tomorrow to try to obtain some images tomorrow to add to it.

June 5

Class started with a quick test and a update on our progress. Steve picked up some stock to help get prototypes going. I showed my web page idea to Lou and it was well received. My camera came in handy taking pics to show the class in action. Pics will be added to the web page soon. I am to get the page ready for uploading to the server. I am going to try to burn a cd to give to Mr. Johnson. After break, I headed to the lab to get started on my kubotan prototype. I was able to run the mill in jog and started shaving a piece of stock down to the appropriate diameter. We stopped working long enough for Kevin to give us some instruction on how to program the lathe with line by line code entry. By the end of class I had whittled the piece fairly close to the final diameter but still did not machine the groves or the detail of where the key ring goes. I made my manufactoring plan. Hopefully it will put us on the right track, so next Monday I can accomplish a finished product by programing. Tom emailed new revison of the drawing of the bottle opener end of the jet engine bottle opener and also the drawing of the engine part.

June 7
I started writing a key to the basic roughing program so I would know how to change it to suit the machining needs for this project. I prepared my resources for a developing topic of lean manufacturing for my research paper and made a coverpage. I also prepared the disc with photos for the web page. The pictures were not good quality because the camera's flash was off. May try to take somemore tomorrow evening. I made appropriate editing, to the web page, due to the lack of production at this time. I will be able to update it as we make progress.

June 9

Tom gave me the idea to allow for extra stock and use a cut-off tool to eliminate the clamping marks from the chuck. That means I have to find a cut-off tool that will fit in the tool turret of the lathe and see if when the piece seperates if it will damage the finish on the product. We went over establishing the origin for the lathe and the different methods that could be used. We also went over the test that was given last Thursday on the Alphabet paper. After break, I gave Mr. Johnson the web page disk and then I headed to the lab to start line by line programming on the lathe. I put the program in and ran it. It worked good, I just needed to change the coordinates to fit the piece dimensions. I ran very slow to make sure the program was not going to crash. At the end of class I was very comfortable with the program entering process though not as comfortable with the contouring code or offsets though I understand them a considerable amount better and should have a complete proram for Thursday. We received a milling handout.

June 11
Received another from Lori about putting posters up. I think it is way too early and there really isn't a need to actually put them up, but we should design them. I wrote a basic program for the lathe. it is still in parts and may require a little cutting and pasting.