Meeting #1

Skills Demonstrated- Ability to be able to proficiently analyze current lab apparatus.

Started to see what capabilities we have on the Emco mills that are in the Lab room.

Attempted to make mills run using my knowledge of CNC programming.

Contributions- Having assed the machines we have to work with, I was able to get a list of dimensions on the Emco Mill.See figure 1.

Meeting #2

Skills Demonstrated- Ability to brainstorm and come up with possible products to design and manufacture.

Contributions- A possible model for one of our products, see figure 2.Started to model up a rendition for a golf tee.

Meeting #3

Skills Demonstrated- My knowledge of Mechanical Desktop as leveraging for a manufacturing tool.My ability to analyze process capability, it should be noted that I feel we are going to have some machine and tooling issues to work through on the jet engine bottle opener.

Contributions- A partial model of the blade rendition, on the front of our engine.

Meeting #4

Skills Demonstrated- Knowledge and use of CNC equipment to test capabilities for making a jet engine bottle opener.Also used skills acquired in manufacturing technology to hand grind some HSS cutters.

Contributions- Some possible cutters for use in manufacturing some of our products, see figure 3.A couple of test blanks cut on the CNC to test out capability for turning our jet engine nose periphery, see figure 4.

Meeting #5

Skills Demonstrated- Used skills learned in manufacturing tech. to manually turn out a rendition of the jet engine.This was all done on a manual engine lathe with the use of single point cutting tools.Used my ability to interpret mechanical desktop drawings for physical build.

Contributions- A partially completed prototype of the front part of a jet engine.

Meeting #6

Skills Demonstrated- My knowledge of where some hardware and certain supplies can be obtained in a feasible manner.My ability to be flexible in going outside the classroom for resources needed.My knowledge of wood species and manufacturing of these products.

Contributions- A completed prototype of the nose on a jet engine along with the possible characteristics of blade appearance, see figure 5.Two prototype card holders built out of different species of wood for comparison; these were both built to original specs which have changed due to the ability to see first hand what the product was going to be like, see figure 6.Went and got hardware needed for manufacturing a few key products, see figure 7.Note that the building of the card prototypes and acquiring of hardware were done outside of the classroom time.

Meeting #7

Skills Demonstrated- Used my skills of resourcefulness to leverage myself to work on another part of the product due to machines being tied up.Used my curiosity skills to attempt to make a cutter path using the software loaded on the mill PCs for milling the cut outs on our bottle opener.

Contributions- My contributions were only those of helping out the ones working on the bottle opener side of the jet engine.We used the Emco mills and there adaptive programming to get the machine to mill the slots needed.

Meeting #8

Skills Demonstrated- Leveraged my skills of NC programming to start to write a line by line program to turn the nose of the jet engine.Once the program was written and tested it did not take long for me to see we were going to need to find another way to cut the nose end of the profile.The current tooling and machine capabilities suggest that it is not going to be possible to do.Using resourcefulness, I sought the opinion of a fellow peer to find a better solution.We are going to try milling the rough profile and then finish turning it in the lathe.

Contributions- A possibly usable program for turning the jet engine.Went and got wood for use of manufacturing business card holders.Prepared wood samples for use on CNC machine and manufacture in our class, see figure 8.This was tended to outside of the classroom.

Meeting #9

Skills demonstrated- My knowledge of line by line programming of a cnc mill to be able to produce a program that would turn the outside form on the jet engine bottle opener.From the use of just a desktop 2D sketch, I was able to write a program that would effectively turn the exterior shape of our product.Also used my skills of Mechanical Desktop to model up a possible use for a golf tee, see figure 9.

Contributions- A completely turned outside periphery of our product, see figure 10.A useable program that can be ready to use when needed.Also started to write a program to use for turning the golf tee see figure 11.

Meeting #10

Skills Demonstrated- I used my programming skills to write a line by line program to do the complete outside periphery of the jet engine bottle opener, from a solid blank to full size product.With Tom and Frank working on the hogging out of the front, I have started to write the second portion to do the front detail.I also wrote a program to turn down a golf tee from a solid piece of stock.I used skills learned in Manufacturing Technologies to custom grind a parting tool out of HSS for possible use on the lathe.

Contributions- A program that will be used to turn the outside periphery of our jet engine, see figure 12.A completed program that will be used to turn down the entire golf tee, see figure 13.