MEC 2040 Computer Aided Technology
Summer 2003 Course Policy

Paul Johnson
home office (802) 485-4503

Hours Per Week For 2 Credits:
Lecture, 2
Laboratory, 6
Study, 4

Catalog Description:
Students develop skills to program CNC lathes and milling machines. Software linking CAD programs with CNC machines, industrial pick and place robots, and Flexible Machining Systems is presented. In addition, the student is kept up to date on current developments in computer-aided technology.

MEC-1020, 1011, CIS-1050.

The system is based on points rather than the percent weight of categories.



40 points



40 points


Research and Report

100 points


Lecture Period Exam

100 points


Final Exam

100 points


Project Evaluations



        Skills Demonstrated

220 points



400 points



=1,000 points

Notice that each point in the course carries the same weight. When I return work Iíll usually report the class average, but if you email me Iíll tell you exactly where you stand. With this system you should be able to track your progress through the course and evaluate your performance versus the class average. Final letter grades will be given based on a scale to be determined at the conclusion of the course.

Attendance and make-up work:
Per college policy your attendance is expected. I know that you have other priorities that may cause you to miss some meetings. I wonít take it personally, but I insist that you communicate with me in advance if possible if you want to make up the work. I reserve the option to give you a zero for missed work, and you can expect any make-up work to be more challenging. The light weighting of quizzes and homeworks is intended to give you the latitude to miss a couple without great penalty.

Lab attendance is very important. All labs will run the full 2 hours and fifty minutes. Missed labs will have the following effect on your course grade:
1 absence = -10 points, 2 absences = -30 points, 3 absences = -60 points, 4 absences = -120 points etc. Only extreme circumstances will excuse lab absences.

Academic Integrity:
Your academic integrity reflects your personal integrity. I expect honesty. If you represent someone elseís work or ideas as your own, you show disrespect for your classmates that will not be tolerated.

I check my email daily and I expect you to as well.