Jason Young's Electronic Notebook


"Clutch Helix Design"


Snomobiles have undergone vast technicalogical advances in the past twenty-five
or so years, yet the clutches have remained basicaly the same with only small
advances in proformance and versitility.

Our teams goal in this project is to find design a simple concept in the
current "Comet" styleclutch which will improve the clutches overall proformance
and versatility. It will be externally adjustable and user friendly, making
the inconvienence of changing weights and helixes a thing of the past.

We will solve this problem by designing an adjustable clutch weight that
will be controlled by cable or hydraulics to directly controll the progressiveness
of the primary clutch system. Though we will be working with an "Artic Cat"
clutch, this design will work with all "Comet" style clutches which are used
by the majority of the leading snomobile manufacturers today.

                                                                              Activity Log

Week #3
                In our first week we were assembled into groups and briefed on our tasks in this project.

Week #4
                In our second week my teamates and I began sketching and discussing different designs and mechanical engagement options.

Week #5
                In our third week we decided to can the original idea of modifying the weights in the primary clutch and opted to tackle the idea of an externally adjustable helix design for the secondary clutch. This idea would yield simular results to our original idea yet there is far less physics involved and the basic design of it appeared to be much simpler. We then began a new set of sketches and I attempted to model a helix on mechanical desktop. I also proposed the idea of a hydraulic engagement off the snomobiles existing hydraulic braking system.

Week #6

                In week six I proposed a system for hydraulic engagment and drew up a sketch of my idea. After measuring the amount of room available for a small small hydraulic piston, I decided that it probably wouldn't work.

Week #7

               Week 7, gathered visuals for project page. Contemplated wether it would be more beneficial to use an inner helix inside the helix itself. I drew up a sketch of my idea but pending progress on the original plan for an internal helix I decided to leave the idea until it becomes more important.

Week #8

              In week eight, after deciding against the hydraulic engagment I began to persue the concept of an electric engagment system. I drew up a few brainstorm sketches and it seems that it is a possible method, yet I am not sure of cost.

Week #9

              Further tackeled the electric engagment idea and drew up a semi-formal sketch. I am not posative if this method will work, I believe it would though. The main question here is cost, I have a feeling it is alot.

Week #10

             Week ten I and updated my electronic notebook and scanned in a sketch. The unexpected snowstorm is going to limit progress for this afternoon.

Week #11

            Today I began construction on our groups project webpage. Things are going pretty smoothly, all links to reference sites and other team members notebooks are working well.

Week #12

            Again I am working on our project page which is becoming quite astheticly pleasing. I have found some cool pics and symbols which are being used to link to other sites of reference. As for the project itself, we have deciced that the hydraulic engagement has the best chance for success. I have begun a mechanical desktop model of a bearing assembly with a hydraulic fitting mounted in the center.
Week #13

            With the bearing assembly nearly finished the entire project is seeming to come together nicely. My assembly combined with Shaunas cluch pieces and Doug's helix produced a very nice rendering. I have yet to finish the formal part drawings but with all running smoothly, we seem to be right on schedule.

Week #14

            An extreemly untimely network virus seems to have hit VTC and I have lost all jpeg's on our project page and my notebook as well. My sketches are gone and don't seem to be coming back. The virus seems to have effected nearly everyones project in some way, some more than others. I will have to relink all the images that still exist and find some new ones to replace lost ones.

Week #15

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