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New  problem

In combining both of these processes the wire will have to be inserted around a cone and then straitened out around a cylinder while running under the blade wheel
the problem is that the corner where we would need to insert a guide is also the corner that needs to be exposed for the press strip operation to work.
Problem sketch
possible solutions
use a flexible elbow that would allow for the blade to bend or compress it out of the way,
elevate a guard past the corner to still catch the wire and re direct it.
Pro's: maybe it will work

Con's: allows for a lot of movement after corner

                                        solution: NO REASONABLE SOLUTION COULD BE FOUND FOR THIS PROBLEM

Back To The drawing board

new idea use a pyramid shaped center piece to spread the wires allowing you to have four flat surfaces to work on

Pro's:  Simple easy to tool, and maintenance
Con's : sacrifice some adjustment
problems:  wires will need to be separated
solution:  feed wires through a ring to direct them to the correct side.
problem: insulation will need to be pulled back from the wire
solution:  blade sets could slide across the base, or remain stationary while the base separates and pulls the wires apart, or blades could copy the cutters pictured at the top of page
problem: wires will need to be held tight to the base
solution:  clamps on the front




 Met With Ken Isoner
Took A tour of the Thermal Dynamics factory

discussed new idea with ken and agreed that it had more promise than the last design

Met with GW Plastics Senior Designer, Darro Tabor to review posibilities and do some wok on the UNI-GRAPHIX  system

We discused posibilities of the pyramid method and diferant manufacturing technikes that would be uset to make them
one new Idea is that the wires could fallow the slope of the pyramid and stay in an arc as aposed to transforming to a a flat surface on the botom.  The benifit of toing this would be the same tool used to locate the wires on the top could slide the entire length and still keep a secure fit on the wires.


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