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Change plan

Met with Ken Isoner

WE Discussed that the finished assembly should have an axis point to rotate to accommodate the position of the wire.
This is necessary because of the length of wire that is being worked on, basically the operator will have to accommodate a box of wire with one end sticking out and orient the machine to the wire.
the rack gear concept will not work in this application because of the overall length.
The goal is to use the same cutting gear but orient an outer cutting surface to rotate around the inner gear, thus leaving the inner gear stationary to accommodate the wire.
things that already do this:
Automatic car transmission, sun moon and planetary gear drive
Common household can opener (cutting wheel is driven by a gear that rotates around the crank gear)

new concept

using two of the existing blade gears one stationary and one free located within a outer gear to rotate one around another to produce the desired cut for the necessary wire.
concept sketch


Problem with this design:

The blade gear will need to move up and down to separate the insulation after making the cut.
Solution:  on the base of the outer gear insert ramps so that as the blade assembly passes over them it move it up and down to make the separation
concept sketch


Also in this assembly
A front blade that will move in to force the installation off the wire as it comes around the corner of the blade gear this design has one problem that it will need to move away from the wires as to avoid coming back over them and damaging them.
separate the cutter into four pieces to allow it to move perpendicular after it makes the cut  and then it would relocate for the next cycle
I used the idea of placing the sections on dowel's  this would allow for the pieces to move apart and back together without any compromise in precession.

coincidentally the dowel when placed into a track on the exterior of the casing allows for very controlled movement wet air pistons either on the inside or outside of the box

concept sketch


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