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             Doug Lounsbury
            Shawna Ferland
            Jason Young

External Links

            Gates Rubber Company    Excellent link to drawings and information on how clutches work.
             Polaris Industries               Snowmobile Manufacturer
             Ski-Doo                            Snowmobile Manufacturer

    I am working on a snowmobile clutch redesign project. This project involves the redesign of integrated weights, which shift the clutch under power. Our goal is to design such weights so they can be fully adjustable without completely disassembling the clutch. By changing the existing design we hope to increase the total performance and reliability of the final clutch system.


Week 3
       1/31/01This was our first week of being together as a group. We started talking about the idea of how the existing snowmobile clutch design works, and how we would like to modify it in order to get our design to work. Along with that we logged on to several web sites to see how clutches work and what parts we wanted to redesign.

Week 4

        2/9/01        This week we decided to change or idea. instead of modifying the primary (Drive) clutch we decided to redesign the secondary clutch. Instead of weights the secondary clutch has a Helix (Circular Ramp) system of adjusting the drive gearing. from this we decided to make the Helix adjustable. During or session together we put together some concept sketches of what we might want the Helix to look like. We came up with an idea of having one helix inside of another. Concept Sketch    From this idea i came up with a spring loaded Pin System to keep the inner helix in place while the clutch is in use. We also discussed what we were going to do for a project web page.   For more information about the secondary clutch see the above Gates Rubber Company link.
Week 5
        2/15/01        This week i updated my notebook, and continued on my Pin System modeling. We talked about what we were going to do with the Helix and how to model it because of the way it is formed. for the most part i spent most of my time collaborating ideas on how we were going to make everything go together.

Week 6
        2/23/01        This week i finished modeling the pin system, it has not yet been dimensioned. i also updated my notebook. I also looked into some different ways of changing the helix position.

Week 7
        3/2/01       This week we discussed our project web page and what kind of things we were going to have on it.  I also kept working on the design of the helix so the pin will be able to function while in use. With this i just made a simple mock up of the outer helix to decide how i would get it to function with the inner helix inside of it.

Week 8
        3/9/01        Doug brought in a secondary clutch that we could look at and get some rough measurements, we discussed what we may have to do to re-dimension the outer and inner helix so we could still have it move and still be able to attach it to the existing secondary clutch. We ran in to some problems because the helix is going to have to be wider than a stock helix. This is not a bad thing though because it will add some more strength to some of the parts.

Week 9
        3/15/01     This week i worked on getting an exploded layout done of the pin. I also made layouts of each of the parts in the pin system. we also faced the problem of having the inner helix having to be wider to accept the existing size of the attachment screws. From this we also made attempts at finding dimensions of the pin and accepting hole. Along with that we ran into the problem of where to locate the pin because there may be interference with other parts of the existing clutch.
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Models of the Parts
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