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I am working of the snowmobile clutch redesign project.  The project involves the redesign of the snowmobile clutch weights so they can be fully adjustable without disassembling the entire clutch.  This redesign of the clutch currently used in most snowmobiles is intended to make the clutch more compatible with the newer higher torque machines currently on the market. 
Week: 3  4 56 7 8 9 101112 131415
Week 3: 
We got into our groups this week and began discussing project ideas.  Doug is going to bring in an old clutch for us to start working with.  We will use the dimensions from the currently used clutch and begin modifications next week. 
Week 4: 
This week it was decided that instead of redesigning the primary (drive) clutch we would redesign the secondary clutch.  The secondary clutch uses a Helix (circular ramp) system instead of weights to adjust drive gearing.  Once the decision was made to focus on the secondary clutch the idea of making the helix adjustable was proposed.  Concept sketches were developed and we came up with the idea of having one Helix inside of another.  From this idea, Ralph came up with the idea for a spring-loaded pin system to hold the inner helix in place while the clutch was in use.  We then began discussing options for a project web page but no final decisions were made. 
Week 5: 
Updated electronic notebook for project evaluations. 
Week 6: 
We continued work on our individual assignments.  I started modeling the secondary clutch.  We are not planning to modify these parts, we are simply going to modify the Helix and place it within the existing secondary clutch.  We discussed what should go on the project web page and we will have it up and running soon.  Doug is going to bring the clutch back in so I can reference it while modeling the parts. 
Week 7: 
Work on the modeling of the secondary clutch has been slow because I have been unable to get and actual clutch to make sketches of and to take measurements from.  I have been working from a picture down loaded from the web.  Doug will bring his clutch in next week. 
Week 8: 
Doug brought in his secondary clutch, so I could get the information needed to model it in mechanical desktop.  I sketched all the pieces of the secondary clutch and took measurements with my dial calipers.  I also took digital photos of the entire secondary clutch both assembled and disassembled. 
Week 9: 
I modeled the top and bottom plates of the secondary clutch based on the sketches and photos taken last week.  I then assembled the two plates and will begin working on the cover soon. 
Week 10: 
I scanned the sketches made of the secondary clutch and updated my project notebook for project evaluation number two.  I created links to my digital photos, sketches, models of the clutch plates, assembly drawings, fully dimensioned drawings, isometric drawings, team members' project notebooks, and VRML files. 
Week 11: 
I started modeling the cover for the secondary clutch.  I had major issues with the extrusions and after trying several different methods that didn't work I decided to take some time away and try another method later. 
Week 12: 
I created a separate file called "THINGY" for the extrusion on the Cover.  I then assembled the two drawings and combined them to make one part.  After finishing the cover I assembled it to the top and bottom clutch plates in the clutch assembly file.  I then changed the colors on the parts in preparation for rendering. 
Week 13: 
I added ribs to the top and bottom plates and then updated the assembly drawing.  This took awhile because the files have become rather large and the computer had a hard time arraying the 18 ribs on each plate.  When this finally worked without crashing the computer I worked on updating my project notebook. 
Week 14: 
I modified the cover file to include the three small wheels that ride on the slope of the helix and cause the clutch to either engage or disengage as needed.  I assembled the wheels and pins that hold them to the cover and prepared the file for rendering.  I then rendered the file and made a thumbnail sketch to link to my project notebook. 
Week 15: 
We assembled the entire clutch including the helix subassembly and the hydraulics system this week, at which point we realized that the helix didn't quite fit into the subassembly.  At this point we decided it would be my job to fix the assembly drawing.  After several hours of modifications, however, the helix fits and the assembly works wonderfully.    I then rendered both the assembly and exploded assembly drawings and plotted them for presentation. 
Due to network and computer problems I was forced to revisit many of my files and change the format from .jpg to .gif and relink many of my drawings and sketches.  After all of that my project notebook kept crashing so I have had to redo a lot of work on that as well.

I created an electronic bill of materials for our project web page.  To see it click here.

Cover -Top
Top Plate-Top
Top Plate-Bottom
Top Plate-Revolve
Bottom Plate-Top
Bottom Plate-Bottom
Bottom Plate-Revolve
Bottom Plate-Pin

(click on thumbnail image to see blow up) 

1) Bottom Plate            2) Top Plate                  3) Cover       4) Bottom Plate w/ Ribs  5) Top Plate w/ribs  6) Cover w/ Wheels


(click on thumbnail image to see blow up) 

1) Assembly Revision One 2) Assembly Revision Two 3) Clutch Assembly Closed  4) Clutch Assembly Open

Top Plate Revision One
Top Plate Revision Two
Bottom Plate Revision One
Bottom Plate Revision Two

Thingy (cover extrusion)

Top PlateRevision One
Top Plate Revision Two
Bottom Plate Revision One
Bottom Plate Revision Two 
Cover Revision One

Cover Revision Two

Assembly Revision One
Assembly Open

Assembly Closed

Exploded Assembly Revision One
Exploded Assembly Revision Two
Project Page
Doug Lounsbury
Ralph Sheldon
Jason Young
Secondary Clutch-Open
Secondary Clutch-Closed
Top Plate-Top View
Top Plate-Bottom View
Bottom Plate-Top View
Bottom Plate-Bottom View
Cover-Top View
Cover-Side View
Helix-Top View
Helix-Side View
Top Plate Revision One
Top Plate Revision Two 
Bottom Plate Revision One
Bottom Plate Revision Two
Clutch Assembly Revision One
Clutch Assembly Closed

Clutch Assembly Open

Cover Revision One

Cover Revision Two