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Two Stage Adjustable Clutch Helix

Project Team:Jason Young, Doug Loundbury, Shauna Ferland


Snomobiles have undergone vast technicalogical advances in the past twenty-five
 or so years, yet the clutches have remained basicaly the same with only small
     advances in proformance and versitility.

Problem Statement:

Our teams goal in this project is to find design a simple concept in the current
"Comet" styleclutch which will improve the clutches overall proformance
  and versatility. It will be externally adjustable and user friendly, making
  the inconvienence of changing weights and helixes a thing of the past.

Solution Statement:

We will solve this problem by designing an adjustable clutch weight that
 will be controlled by cable or hydraulics to directly controll the progressiveness
  of the primary clutch system. Though we will be working with an "Artic Cat"
   clutch, this design will work with all "Comet" style clutches which are used
by the majority of the leading snomobile manufacturers today.

Our Goals For This Project Include:

                                                                   1) External adjustment
                                                                   2) An increase in proformance
                                                                   3) A relatively simple design

General Specifications

Mounting System Sketch

Mounting System Pictures

Preliminary A-Frame Concept Sketches

Concept Development

Electronic Bill of Materials